Arabic Language Course For Kids

This course focuses on four fundamental language skills: speaking, listening, writing, and reading by easy conversations, explanations, pictures, audios, and stories.

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No of lessons

15 Lessons

Course duration

30 Sessions/ 40-50 Mins


5-12 yrs


Boys, Girls

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Description of this Quranic Course

Introducing children to Arabic as a second or third language during their formative years is a wise choice, given that this period is optimal for language acquisition. Fluency in Arabic, the language of the Quran, is facilitated through playful methods such as easy explanations, pictures, videos, and stories. The initial focus on the alphabet is complemented by engaging narratives, fostering both linguistic proficiency and a sustained interest in Arabic and the Quran.

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Aims of this Quranic Course

  • Simplifying the learning of Arabic, the language of the Quran,
  • Devoting more time to Quranic engagement,
  • Cultivating a heightened interest in the Quran,
  • Proficiency in conversing with individuals in Arabic,
  • Mastery of Arabic writing, reading, speaking, and comprehension.
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Importance of this Quranic Course

Arabic, being the language of the Quran, holds profound significance, enabling a direct connection with Allah through understanding its meaning and pronunciation. Childhood, recognized as the prime time for language acquisition, positively influences cognitive and brain development. Acquiring Arabic at this stage not only accelerates learning but also enhances its overall quality. Children develop proficiency in the sweet Arabic language, preparing them for applications in pilgrimage, Quranic reading, and communication with diverse individuals.

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Prerequisites of this Quranic Course

This course has no prerequisites.

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Achievements of this Quranic Course

  • Attainment of a new language,
  • Proficiency in the language of the Quran,
  • Exploration of a new culture and lifestyle,
  • Mastery of Arabic for communication in Islamic countries,
  • Advancement of skills in acquiring new knowledge.
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Evaluation of this Quranic Course

While there are no formal tests for children, their progress will be consistently monitored and reported to the parents.

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