A box of kisses

Let’s read about A box of kisses

There was a very poor family.
The father saw that his daughter was putting a box that she had wrapped with gift paper under the Christmas tree.

He was furious and shouted: Why did you spend money on this gift?

The next morning the little girl gave the gift to her father and said: “Dad, this is yours.”

The father was ashamed that he had treated his daughter in this way and opened the gift. But when he saw that the box was empty, he became angry again and shouted: “Do you not know that when you give someone a gift, there must be something inside?”
The little girl looked at her father with tears in her eyes and cried, “my dear father, this box is not empty … I blew a thousand kisses inside it and they’re for you daddy.”

The father was embarrassed again and wrapped his arms around his little girl and begged her to forgive him.
A few years later, the little girl died in an accident. Whenever the father missed his little daughter, he would go to that box and remembered the invisible kisses from his loving and kind daughter.

Do you think presents should be sentimental or expensive?