All they need to say is alhamdulillah

Let’s read about why All we need to say is alhamdulillah

A man had a strange dream. He dreamed that he had gone to the angels in heaven and he looked at what they were doing.

He saw a large group of angels working hard, they were opening letters that had arrived from earth and they were putting them in envelopes.

The man asked the angel, “What are you doing?”
While opening the letters, the angel replied: This is the receiving section! We hand over to God the prayers and requests of the people of the earth.
The man went a little further. Again he saw another large group of angels putting letters in envelopes and sending them to earth by couriers.

The man asked: What are you doing?
One of the angels said: This is the dispatch section. God’s grace and mercy are sent to people.
The man asked the angel: How can people send the answer to god’s grace and mercy that he has sent?
The angel replied: It is very simple. All they need to say is “alhamdulillah”


Why is it important for us to communicate with allah?
How do you communicate with allah?