he Story of the Fish and the Greedy Fish-Eating Bird

Theme: “Anger Management”
Once upon a time, in a small pond, there were two little fish, one of them was white and the other one was red.

The white fish was calm and thoughtful before doing anything, but the red fish was a bit hasty and acted without thinking.

1 Anger Management

One spring day, a fish-eating bird sat by the pond.His friends had told him that he could catch a tasty prey from the pond.

So, the bird made a plan to trap one of the fish and satisfy his hunger. He called out loudly to both fish.

The two little fish came to the surface of the water.

The fish-eating bird said, “I feel sorry for you! I can fly everywhere, see all the flowers, trees, fields, and seas, but you are stuck in this small pond and you’re so fruitless!”

2 Anger Management

The white fish remained calm, knowing what was about to happen. Then it calmed the red fish down and said, “Don’t get angry at all, my friend! Those are just evil thoughts in his head.

” But the red fish ignored its friend’s words and lost its temper and said, “Who said such a thing?! We can also see forests, fields, and anywhere we want.

” The fish-eating bird said, “If you’re telling the truth, prove it! I’m sure you can’t go anywhere except this small pond.

” The red fish got very angry and wanted to prove that it could do anything it wanted. So, out of anger, it jumped out of the water onto the lawn next to the pond.

The little fish felt suffocated and couldn’t breathe. It was a tough moment for it.

3 Anger Management3 Anger Management

The fish-eating bird thought to himself, “What a feast!” and was getting closer to grab it with its beak and take it away when suddenly a strong wind blew and immediately threw the red fish back into the water. The white fish held the red fish in its arms.

It was crying and very scared. The white fish said, “My dear friend, thank God you’re safe and saved! Remember, when you can’t control your anger, you might do something irreparable.

Always remember to control your anger, think before you act, and then move calmly!”

4 Anger Management