Respect for mother

Let’s read about Respect for mother

Owais lived in Yemen many centuries ago and had an old mother who could not bear to be away from him.
One day he asked his mother for permission to visit the Prophet in Medina.

In response to Owais’s insistence, his mother said, “I will allow you, provided that you do not stay in Medina greedily. So he left for Medina. When he entered the city. He immediately asked for the Messenger of God.

In response, he heard: The Prophet left Medina and will not return until sunset.

Owais was saddened because, according to the promise he had made to his mother, he could not stay in Medina until the return of the prophet. He returned to Yemen with a broken heart.

When the Prophet returned to Medina, he strangely said: From whom did this light shine in our house?
They said: A camel-rider who came from Yemen. His name was Owais. He wanted to visit you but could not stay and left.
After hearing this, the Prophet said: The smell of paradise wafts from the land of Yemen. O Owais, how eager I am to meet you.

How do you think the prophet would have greeted Owais, if he had waited for the prophet’s return?