Spreading rumours

Let’s read about the spreading rumours

A women made up a lie about her neighbour and started spreading it.

After a while, everyone around the neighbourhood became aware of it.

Then rumour caused a lot of problems for the neighbour and her life was severely harmed.

After time passed, the women who started the rumour realised what she had done and regretted her action. So she went to a wise man to seek help and to make up for her mistake.

The wise man told her to go to the market and buy a chicken and spread its feathers around your neighbourhood.
The woman was surprised, but she did it.

The next day, the wise man said to her: Now go and get those feathers for me.
The woman left but did not find more than four feathers.
The wise man replied to the woman: It was easy to drop those feathers but collecting them is not so simple. Like the accusation you made, it was made simply, but it is impossible to fully vanish it.

What kind of affects does spreading rumours have on people’s lives?