Smart working

Let’s read about Smart working

Smart working

A father was reading the newspaper, but his little son was constantly disrupting him. The father got frustrated and tore a page of the newspaper with the map of the world and gave it to his son.

Smart working 2

He said: Come over son! I have something for you. I will give you a map of the world. And this torn apart map of the world. See if you can put it back together like a puzzle?

Smart working 3

He went to his newspaper again. he knew his son will busy with the puzzle all day. But quarter of an hour later, the boy returned with the puzzle completed.
The father asked in surprise: Did your mother teach you geography?
The boy said: What is geography?

Smart working 4

The father asked: So how did you solve the puzzle of the map of the world?
The boy said: in the back of the puzzle, there was a picture of a man. And putting a picture of a man together was easier than the map of the world. When I finished putting the man together, the map of the world was also made.

Smart working 5

When we come across a problem, we need to deal with it in an open mind. We need to think outside the box because there is always an easier and better solution.

Smart working 6

What do you think would have happened if the little boy, stuck to putting the puzzle of the world together?