Sun dial

Let’s read about the Sun dial

One day a religious missionary working in a Brazilian village brought a sundial with him when he returned from a holiday to the village.

Sun dial 1

With the help of this clock, he wanted to show the villagers the exact time of day. He took the purchased property to the man in charge of the village and suggested that it be installed in the middle of the village.

Sun dial 2

The villagers were thrilled to see the sundial. None of them had ever seen such a clock.

Sun dial2Sun dial2

The next time the missionary went on vacation, when he returned to the village, he saw something strange. The villagers had gathered together and built a strong roof over the sundial it to protect the clock from the sun.

Sun dial 4

You may laugh at the villagers, but many of us do what the villagers did with the sundial. To protect ourselves from accidents, we prefer to stay in a comfortable area and not leave like the villagers. But we do not realize that by doing so we would be narrow minded. Instead of growing, we choose security, and with this choice, we move away from our true mission. Traveling and seeing the world and meeting new cultures opens our minds and humbles us.

Sun dial 5

Why do you think traveling and seeing the world would make us more similar to the religious missionary?