We are all equal

Once upon a time, in a small room, seven crayons lived together. Each, had a color; yellow, green, blue, red, brown, white, and black. They were the crayons of little Sara. Little Sara had told them about the beautiful nature.

We are all equal

The crayons decided to paint the nature and surprise Little Sara. The yellow crayon said, “I am the color of the sun, only I can draw a beautiful landscape!”

We are all equal 2

The red crayon said, “Hah! I’m the one who can show the real nature to everyone with the red flowers I draw!”

We are all equal 3

The green crayon said, “Only I can show the pristine nature with my color!”

 We are all equal 4

The blue crayon said, “You are all very boastful! I am the color of the sky and the sea. Only I paint the real nature!”

 We are all equal 5

The brown crayon said, “Only I show the beauty of nature with the mountains I draw!”

 We are all equal 6

The black crayon said, “Everyone be quiet! Nothing will be drawn until I want it, let alone be colored!”

 We are all equal 7

The white crayon said, “You don’t reach my level, black crayon!”

We are all equal 8

All the crayons were arguing and debating, deciding to paint their desired nature. After an hour, Little Sara entered the room. She saw papers, each with something painted on it. The yellow crayon had only drawn the sun. The green crayon had only drawn a few trees on its paper. The brown crayon had drawn some mountains. The red crayon had drawn some red flowers. The blue crayon had only drawn the sky and a river. The black crayon had drawn a colorless landscape. The white crayon had only drawn the clouds in the sky.

Little Sara said, “What are these for?” The colored crayons said to her, “Little Sara, each of us drew a landscape. Which one of us painted the nature more beautifully and wonderfully?” Little Sara said, “None of you!” The colored crayons all said together, “Why?” Little Sara said, “Guys, a beautiful landscape cannot be drawn alone. If you help each other and draw these together on one sheet, then a beautiful and remarkable landscape will emerge.

 We are all equal 9

” The colored crayons decided to help each other and draw a beautiful landscape. First, the black crayon drew the sun, trees, flowers, river, and mountains. Then, it was time for coloring. First, the yellow crayon colored the sun. The blue crayon drew the sky of the sun, and then the white crayon colored the sky’s clouds. The brown crayon painted the mountains. The red crayon turned the flower petals red and the green crayon turned the leaves green. Then, the green crayon colored the tree leaves and the brown crayon, the trunk. The blue crayon colored the river, and the red crayon drew fish of the river. Then, the black crayon drew a small house in the middle of this beautiful landscape. Each of the colored crayons colored a part of this house. Little Sara saw her colored crayon drawing, her eyes sparkled with joy, and she said, “Guys, now you see how much better the result is when we help each other? You can never draw a beautiful and stunning painting with pride and arrogance and without helping each other!” The colored crayons, who learned from this story, promised each other to always help and draw beautiful paintings together.

 We are all equal 10